Profiles made of polymer concrete

More than 20 years experience in building protection
POLYPROFIL – concave mouldings, drip strips and stair edge
POLYPROFIL – concave mouldings, drip strips and stair edge are characterised by the following features
easy to cut
high pressure resitance
weather resitant
concave mouldings
POLYPROFIL Concave mouldings
Polyprofil concave mouldings are prefabricated profiles for creating a permanently tight and clean floor-wall joint e.g. on balconies, terraces, arcades, industrial floors and underground garages, with drywall, composite or floating screeds. Polyprofil concave mouldings guarantee a hygienically perfect design of the floor-wall joint, as required for floor coating in the food industry or in hospitals
Polyprofil drip strips
Polyprofil drip strips are prefabricated profiles for use as a drip edge or water nose, which are installed by gluing to the underside of the component of balconies, bridge caps, facade elements, precast concrete elements, etc. Polyprofil drip strips enable a uniform and permanent design of the drip edge in new buildings, when renovating and maintaining of buildings.
Polyprofil stair edge
Polyprofil stair edge are prefabricated profiles for use as an edge profile when coating stairs with self-leveling synthetic resin systems or decorative pebble coverings. Polyprofil stair edging enables a non-slip, shapely and largely wear-resistant design of the leading edge of the staircase, both in new buildings and when renovating and maintaining old stairs.
Polyprofil special profiles
Polyprofil special profiles are prefabricated profiles whose cross-section is designed according to the wishes and requirements of the customer or building owner. (Figure: profile cross-sections)

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