Polyprofil special profiles
Prefabricated profiles whose cross-section is designed according to the wishes and requirements of the customer
Polyprofil special profiles are made from a polymer concrete, the formulation of which is adapted to the corresponding requirements. The selected mortar mixtures can, for example, be lightweight and / or open-pore, pigmented, made from broken natural stones or colored quartz sands. The profiles are manufactured in molds without the use of release agents.

Polyprofil special profiles are easy to work with and are characterized by high compressive and tensile strength and extremely low water absorption (depending on the mortar mixture). Polyprofil special profiles can be coated or painted with epoxy, polyurethane or acrylate resins.

Dimensions and profile length according to customer requirements.
Depending on the mortar mixture, Polyprofil special profiles can be cut with a small-toothed saw or with a cut-off machine (a diamond cutting disc is ideal). Polyprofil special profiles are glued with an epoxy resin adhesive or 1-component polyurethane resin adhesive.

The surface must be dry, stable, easy to grip, free of slurry, dust, loose parts, oil and grease.

Installation sketch

Polyprofil special profil

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