Polyprofil Drip strips
Prefabricated profiles for use as a drip edge on the underside of the component
Polyprofil drip strips are made from a light-colored polymer concrete with a low specific weight. POLYPROFIL drip strips are easy to process are weather resistant and can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can be coated with epoxy or polyurethane resins.

Mounted on the underside of the component, e.g. of balconies or bridge caps, Polyprofil drip strips significantly reduce the risk of concrete damage by increasing the concrete coverage at these exposed areas.

In particular, the triangular strip is also suitable as an inexpensive upstand or as a base profile for floors

The length of the Polyprofil drip strips is 1.000 mm

Polyprofil Drip strip T 20

ca. 28 x ca. 20 x ca. 20 mm (H = ca. 13 mm)

Polyprofil Drip strip T 30

30 x ca. 24 x ca. 15 mm (H = ca. 11 mm)

Polyprofil Drip strip S 40

40 x 14 mmm

Polyprofil Drip strip T 60

58 x 13 mmm

Polyprofil drip strips are cut with a diamond cutting disc, alternatively they can also be cut with a small toothed saw or a grinder.

Polyprofil drip strips are usually glued with a 1-component polyurethane or MS polymer adhesive. It must be ensured that the profiles must also be glued to the joints.

The surface must be dry, stable, easy to grip, free of slurry, dust, loose parts, oil and grease.

Store Polyprofil drip strips in a dry place and lying.

installation, example 1

Polyprofil drip strips T / 20 on the underside of a balcony slab.

installation, example 2

Polyprofil drip strips S / 40 on the underside of a balcony slab

installation, example 3

Polyprofil drip strips T / 60 on the front edge of a balcony slab.

installation, example 4

Polyprofil drip strips T / 60 on the underside of a balcony slab

installation, example 5

Polyprofil strip edge profile T / 30 as an inexpensive base profile e.g. for parking garages

The installation situations shown are selected as examples. Depending on the specific situation on site and the requirements of the client, a different installation of the profiles may be necessary. We are happy to answer any questions.

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